Mistress Persephone Rose

Transgender Dominatrix & Personal Consultant


Mistress Persephone Rose (She/They/My Lady) is an Autistic, Non-binary, Transgender Dominatrix and Personal Consultant devoted to tearing down corrupt systems and building up the marginalized. A current student of Mistress Damiana Chi at the Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy, Mistress Persephone firmly believes that all individuals should be free to embrace their genuine authenticity and reject oppressive norms, especially those of us who don't fit neatly into society's arbitrary bureaucratic checkboxes.

She is here to help you navigate the intricacies of all your Transitions, whether they are gender, career, relationship, spiritual, or something else entirely.

Offering a multitude of services and protocols customizable to each client's needs and goals, the possibilities are as boundless as the multiverse.

Services include:

- Personal Consultation and Guidance.
Customized Protocols for all your Transitions, including Gender

- Affirmation, Body Modification, Career Change or Advancement, Relationship Troubleshooting/Healing/Exploration, Spiritual Exploration & Healing, and more.

- Advanced Training for individuals interested in more involved transitions.
Energy Work & Spiritual Guidance for all individuals looking to develop or strengthen skills needed for personal growth and development.

- More!

Please remember that no set of services are suitable for everyone; choosing what's best depends entirely on your needs. Please come in with a clear idea of what you want to work on so Mistress. Persephone can tailor your time together accordingly.

If you have been seeking a safe space to explore those parts of yourself you might otherwise never have been able to express, you've found the right place. 




Centuries ago, back in 2018, I was a special program teacher at an inner-city charter school in Washington, D.C. I worked with neurodivergent kids who had fallen below grade level in their reading competencies. Parents and ominous court mandates paid $1000s per session to my corporate bosses (of which I received $16 before tax) to administer a 'groundbreaking research-backed methodology for educating the unruly or otherwise unreachable' from torn and faded 1950s workbooks....



This past weekend, I had the privilege of being invited to perform for Drag Story Hour at Dolley Madison Library in Mclean, VA, alongside some truly remarkable talent. I had a blast reading Neither and Kevin the Unicorn: It’s Not All Rainbows to the kids and their caregivers; tales about not quite fitting in with the world of “This and That” and an apt message that even the most vibrant and happy of people don’t always feel the same way inside that they project....


Mistress Persephone is a Queer Satanic Post Human Sex Goddess, Transition Specialist, Spiritual Advisor, Sexuality Educator, and Personal Consultant.

She is a Healer first, and Dominatrix second; with a lifetime of experience in the sex, medical, education, food service, retail, and entertainment industries.  She is committed to destroying capitalism and ending humanity's dependence on currency (a dangerous psychoactive drug used to control the masses).

She has been a Doctor of Divinity and an Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church since 2013 AD.  She's spent time as a Certified Nurse's Aide providing compassionate end of life care to the elderly, as a reading and writing instructor for neurodivergent children, and as a coffeeshop barista who excelled at being a punching bag for the entitled while providing unlicensed 5-minute therapy sessions.

Mistress Persephone is a survivor of long-term Psychological and Physical abuse.  She has experience dealing with undiagnosed and untreated Autism, CPTSD, ADHD, Severe Depression, Anxiety, and Paroxysmal Dyskinesia.

Unbeholden to anything but Her Personal Code of Ethics, Mistress Persephone relies on Her instincts and intuition to provide original, unique, and custom guidance to those who need it most. She has a special interest in sexual and mental health. 



The Gender Variant across time and space have long been revered as seers, shamans, and healers. This is also true of the people we call "Trans" and "Non-Binary" today, though some have chosen to turn their backs on our unique gifts. Scientifically speaking, we are a completely normal expression of the human condition; culturally, our "differences" have forced many of us into hiding and away from recognizing our full potential. That is changing now.

Whether or not you already work with a psychotherapist, doctor, and/or spiritual advisor, adding the right Dominatrix (or four) to your team can really help bind your mental and physical wellbeing together. While traditional talk therapy works well for many, oftentimes a more aggressive approach is warranted. So if whether it's a second opinion about what shade of curtains to pick, or you just need someone who isn't afraid to tell you what's what, Mistress Persephone is prepared to shred you to pieces and put you back together better than ever.


Transitions are always difficult. Whether it's a sex change or a career change, transitioning involves taking incredible journeys to places you've never been to before. You don't have to do it alone. Mistress Persephone is here to help you adjust to your new life. Through an eclectic blend of immersive roleplay, affirming rituals, dark humor, and seductive aesthetic, Mistress Persephone crafts a warm, affirming environment for you to explore new realities and new possibilities as She transforms your dysphoria into euphoria.

While an invaluable asset to any transition, Mistress Persephone is not a medical provider and will not prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy.


Human Genital Modification is a highly controversial topic, with many countries (including the United States) still performing routine genital mutilations on newborns while throwing hissy fits about adults who consensually choose to upgrade our junk. Mistress Persephone understands that harmony between the body and mind is a key factor in overall wellbeing.

It is a common misconception that there are only two possible genital configurations. Many trans, non-binary, and intersex people have historically been coerced by societal norms into one or the other (often surgically, often by force) and usually without a full understanding of their options.

Mistress Persephone is a survivor of Infant Genital Mutilation. She has successfully grown a neoprepuce and proudly retains a 100% biologically female penis as an intentional affront to the patriarchy.  


Mistress Persephone is a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix currently studying BDSM, Female Domination, and submissive psychology under Mistress Damiana Chi at the Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy.

Under proper guidance, therapeutic BDSM play offers participants a safe opportunity to explore, discover, and understand those parts of the self that might otherwise be neglected. Acknowledging our fullest self, and attuning the mind and body to our most primal urges, can lead to profound discoveries and self-realizations.

Mistress Persephone is especially proud to push the envelope when it comes to trans play and gender fuckery in BDSM. Forsaking the more traditional notions of "sissification" and "crossdressing" in favor of complete de-cis-ification and rehabilitation programs for recovering gender binarism adherents, Mistress Persephone draws from her own experience as a non-binary trans womxn to deliver unique and exceptional female domination.

She invites all humans who are curious to take the journey and explore the boundaries of their gender and sexuality, regardless of whether or not they consider themselves to be trans.


Mistress Persephone is delighted to offer non-denominational Satanic spiritual services including hearing confessions and absolving certain sins, officiating weddings, collaring ceremonies, divorce parties, as well as funeral and memorial services. She is a card carrying member of The Satanic Temple, and holds a Doctor of Divinity certificate and Ministerial Ordination from the Universal Life Church.